Why Do Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is unsurpassed in developing the minds and the muscles of our young people. It’s been called the sport where all other sports begin. That’s because it’s a little of everything - different events focus on different kinds of fitness and the variety keeps everyone interested. To jump over the Vaulting Horse you need power and courage; to stay on the Balance Beam the children learn control and concentration; on the Uneven Bars it’s strength and determination; and on Floor Exercise you get to tumble - over and over, upside down and all around.

With our programs there’s never a dull moment!

Children love to move! Gymnastics gives them the tools they need to move better, faster and stronger. Life is more exciting when you can see things from upside down. Our helpful teachers make learning fun and soft mats make it safe to try something new. At Turner’s it’s really fun!

The RECREATIONAL GYMNASTICS program here is non-competitive. You don’t have to make your opponent lose for you to win! You only have to worry about yourself and how much effort you’re able to put into the sport. In gymnastics you face yourself every time you participate and that’s what life is all about. At Turner’s Gymnastics we offer progressive recreational activities that everyone can enjoy.

We recommend instructional classes for children so they can build strength, flexibility, self confidence and much more. It’s a well know fact that the sport is a great part of growing up with a healthy lifestyle.

Our new facility at 2800 Potshop Lane is air conditioned with premium HEPA filters - it’s clean and cool. It’s a safe and comfortable environment so the kids can get on with healthy living. The staff is always attentive and watchful, but the cool air makes a difference.